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Thanks for using my song in the DK segment. Finally I've found a flash that I'm proud to have one of my songs in!


Love the music, the end scene of Mario Tennis kills me every time!

I know people bitch about it....

However, they forget the true meaning of any production. This film does in fact have a strong story to it. The girl is walking through the fields recollecting the memories of the time her and the guy defeated the Hoy Te Amo. She thought she was going to die when the guy shows up and saves her. They work together to defeat the Hoy Te Amo, and she at the end admits she likes him, by the way she blushes. That is a story. I'm not going to go into the literary stuff because really it doesn't matter. This truly is a piece of art and represents the kind of animation that is truly beautiful. The art and animation is top notch for flash, I can tell as everything is done frame by frame with the exception of a few motion tweens. This is rarely done anymore. As for music, it fits the piece perfectly. And btw for all you people that still don't understand it, this movie has many other parts. Just check Vinnie's other submissions. Thanks for this wonderful piece.

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Ever since the release of Rooftop Skater, I have never found another game that allowed you to save your progress into a text form, then load it later. That alone should set the score at 4/5. The fact that it's so customizable shows a true in-depth understanding of Actionscript, which is what all these games are built on. The only problem I had was the fact that it was just a little too easy. By this I mean I beat the 100 rank person first try. Even so, it's addicting. This is what drives us to love these games. The fact that you grasped that concept makes this game so amazing.
Breakdown of Scoring:
Graphics: 10 for diversity, clarity, and smoothness of animation.
Style: 10 for the fact that other than Ultimate Sonic (which was really a clone), this game is completely unique.
Sound: 10 because this is the first flash film that will run your own audio.
Violence: 7 because it ain't really violence.
Interactivity: 10... it's a game!
Humor: 10 because it's extremely amusing.
Overall: 10 because I hate to give 9 for a great submission.



First of all, you didn't really reference the songs you used correctly. Secondly, there's nothing really special to it. Thirdly, the FFX Choboco is actually Final Fantasy IX's Ukelele De Chocobo. Fourthy, there was no real animation talent to it. Fifthly, it was kinda dull. Sixthly, the font was bad. Well, yeah, I'm kinda in a rant right now. Not newgrounds material.

Not a bad beginning

I can get where you're heading with this, however, it shouldn't be submitted in a beta stage such as this. Other than a few interaction errors, it's pretty stable. However, as LittleSephiroth wrote, Yoshi does jump a little too high. As soon as you get that fixed, as well as the other little things such as his running sprite, it should be great! Ciao!

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Super Galaxy Arc

That first part sounded like a super galaxy barf. What was that instrument?! I feel so confused and nausious! Plus, some of those instruments used are horribly,
horribly out of tune! They start out in tune, then quickly go flat. If they didn't go flat, it would've felt "Sonic in Space" epic. Plus, the arpeggio part sounded
awful when cut short. The notes didn't fit in with your long-dragged notes. If those arpeggio notes were held longer, it would've been more legendary.

7.2, nearly there, just needs a few more revisions


Game Boy Space Waltz

Once upon a time, there was an astronaut. Or was he a farmer? I can't tell! It's too generic! Honestly, you've nailed the retro music genre. However, I could
equally say I'm trying to feed my sheep on a farm. Or getting my first Pokemon from Professor Oak. Or watching chocobos dance. Great start, but not genre specific.

6.0, not quite the genre I was looking for.

WerewNC responds:

Sheep in space. Like the ones that jump over the moon and help you count to sleep at night. You need astronaut farmers to raise those, you know. I was thinkin' "Elite" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" when I decided to go with a fast waltz, but I'll admit I missed the mark on that one.

Thanks for taking the time to judge the competition.


~BH~ Birefringence [NAC]

Too fast! TOO FAST. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA. If this was in a space game, we'd all be dead in like 10 seconds. Seriously. We're
talking Guilty Gear running at 400% speed here. WTF. AHH. AHH. AHH. AHH. Ok, that aside, slow it down at least 20%, and then we'll talk.

6.9, #$()%*&@)$(*%&$%*&@$@#^$&#@^$@ing slow down

Thank you all for your support. I'm still working avidly on music so stay tuned for further tracks!

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